Spaceflight Vol 56 No 04 – April 2014

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Wishing upon a Red Planet
Dwayne Day reflects on a snowy day in Washington that shut down the locals but which proved no problem for Bas Lansdorp!

Replacing Soyuz
Bart Hendrickx retraces the attempt to find a replacement for the ubiquitous Soyuz spacecraft and summarises the latest attempt at providing for existing and future requirements in Russia’s human space flight programme.

India’s Mission to Mars
Gurbir Singh explains the background to India’s spectacular mission to Mars, now en-route to the Red Planet, and links it to a grander ambition.

Your Name in Space
Carrying the names of people from around the world on microchips, spacecraft routinely serve as emissaries of Earth’s citizenry, as Joel Powell explains.

Searching for Snoopy
In May 1969 NASA sent Apollo 10 on a route-proving flight to the Moon, the spent Ascent Stage of the Lunar Module going into solar orbit. Nick Howes goes in search of it.

Eisenhower’s Sputnik Moment
The author of a new book on the political repercussions from President Eisenhower’s reaction to the Russian coup of Sputnik 1 explains why he wrote it.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – Space attack from organized crime

World News Analysis – Robotic filling stations

Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

From the Editor

Satellite Digest – 495 January 2014

ISS Operations Summary – 17 January – 16 February 2014

Off the Shelf – The International Atlas of Mars Exploration – Eisenhower’s Sputnik Moment

Inbox – Design signature? – Push-me-pull-you – More to the man...

Obituary – Rodney G Rose 1927-2014

Society News – Comet tails...and tales – Space Education and Outreach Update – Reinventing Space

Diary Notices

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