Spaceflight Vol 57 No 06 – June 2015

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VULCAN – Made in the USA!
With a need to cut costs and shift away from Russian-built RD-180 motors for its Atlas launch vehicle, United Launch Alliance has come up with a new rocket to replace both Atlas V and Delta IV and introduces some novel schemes for reusability. But will it work?

Asteroid’s rock
As NASA mulls options for utilizing the giant Space Launch System, the options are narrowing for the kind of mission astronauts in an Orion spacecraft might fly as a first step in a long and winding road to Mars. Not everyone is happy.

Dawn at Ceres
Now in orbit about the dwarf planet Ceres, the Dawn spacecraft is about to begin its descent to a much closer path from where its instruments can fully analyse this enigmatic and puzzling world orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.

Ice plumes on Enceladus
Scientists studying data from the Cassini spacecraft have interpreted tiny silicon-rich grains of rock in Saturn’s rings as coming from hydrothermal activity on one of its moons, Enceladus, and that this is contributed to by plumes of gas and dust erupting from its south pole.

Interstellar – a 2D look at 4D space
Founder of Imaginals, which numbers NASA among its clients and which has its offices at Arthur C. Clarke House with the BIS in London, James Parr takes a deep and meaningful look at a seminal film, with the editor of Spaceflight also adding interpretations.

A Cape Canaveral Cocktail Shaker
Space historian and lecturer Joel W Powell extracts more insightful vignettes from the pages of rocket and missile history with a description of the Ship Motion Simulator, built for Polaris but probably never used for its intended purpose!

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