Spaceflight Vol 57 No 08 – August 2015

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Moscow Celebrates the first EVA
Dr Neil Da Costa was in Moscow for the celebrations accompanying the 50th anniversary of the first space-walk and reports on the glittering array of people and pageantry which accompanied that event.

Predicting China’s Shenzhou Flights
Internationally respected analyst of Russian and Chinese space missions, Robert Christy provides an insight to the prediction of Shenzhou flights and the rationale behind date and time selection.

50 Years on Mars
Five decades after the first images from a close flyby of Mars were transmitted to Earth, Spaceflight cele-brates the achievements of several nations and reflects on the extraordinary acomplishments by fly-by space-craft, orbiters, landers and roving vehicles.

Pictures of bygone glory
Spacecraft engineer Alan Lawrie is recognised around the world as the single most knowledgeable authority on the Saturn V and its production and test regime. Here he shares hithereto hidden images of stage activity rescued from a garage in Sacramento.

Homing in on Pluto
As NASA’s New Horizons mission approaches a close fly-by of Pluto, we take a look at its origin and its significance for planetary science

Earth Defence
Italian BIS members Tommaso Pino and Matteo Perrotta report from the biannual conference on planetary defence from asteroid and near-Earth objects and find progress in preparing for the worst.

Interstellar Studies – pushing boundaries
Spaceflight goes back to i4is to report on progress with their organisation and with Project Dragonfly, a chal-lenging and difficult competition which attracted an international base of contenders.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – Leonov at the Science Museum

Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

Satellite Digest – 511 May 2015

ISS Operations Summary – 16 May to 15 June 2015

Flashback – A regular feature looking back 50 years ago this month

Inbox – Liquid hydrogen production – Your letters matter

Obituary – Derek Slater (1929-2015)

Society News – UK finals for IAC competition

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