Spaceflight Vol 58 No 02 – February 2016

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A Cygnus takes flight
The US logistical supply chain to the International Space Station is back on track, courtesy of an Atlas launch vehicle.

Planning for the Unthinkable
Timothy Braithwaite and astronaut Robert Thirsk explore the product of their work to make space flight safer, preparing for contingencies and anticipating unpredictable flaws.

Armstrong’s Moon Cardiac Scare
Dr William Rowe explains the results of his work on potential cardiac threats to human performance in the lunar environment, with alarming conclusions about Apollo 11.

Orion gets a makeover
The Editor takes a look at Orion modifications to reduce work load and improve performance. Plus, we reveal the trajectory for the next unmanned mission.

European Service Module on its way
David Todd reports on developments with the ESM for the next Orion flight in 2018 and speculates on the importance of this work to Europe’s space industry.

SLS – A Giant Rocket for big jobs
With significant milestones now being reached on the Space Launch System, David Todd reports on growing interest in possible missions.

Flying Machines in Naked Glory
Dwayne Day took his camera along to the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC, and caught some iconic hardware in the process of restoration.

Rockets at RIS – Oxford 2015
Innovative rocket concepts emerged at the Reinventing Space Conference during November.

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