Spaceflight Vol 58 No 06 – June 2016

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Utilising Resources
Nick Spall discusses the thorny issue of accessing the mineral resources of the solar system and reviews the many legal, ethical and moral questions raised by extending our propensity to outgrow our place on Earth by supplementing depleting resources through scavenging other worlds.

A Vanishing Era
Joel Powell has watched the changing Cape Canaveral landscape for many decades and brings a disturbing tale of wanton abandonment as launch pads and block houses are erased for ever in the conversion of the area as a new age in space activity brings different rockets to Florida.

The Cosmonauts challenge
Ian Blatchford and Dr Natalia Sidlina provide a revealing insight to the extraordinary effort required to bring an unprecedented range of Russian space hardware to the Science Museum in London, our tribute to an outstanding exhibition, remembered through a special photographic visit by Bob Christy.

Kettering and the Plesetsk site
Mike Sinnett of the Kettering Group recalls the time when British amateurs, still at school, provided unparalleled detail on the activities of the Soviet space programme and reports on a historic reunion at a very special birthday celebration.

Saturn V F-1 parts retrieved
The UK’s greatest authority on the Saturn V, rocket engineer Alan Lawrie describes the recovery of key sections of F-1 engines from the ocean floor off Cape Canaveral, testimony to the world’s largest successful launch vehicle and now an iconic representation of the “golden age” of space exploration.

Regular Features

News Analysis – Don’t Break It!

ISS Report – 16 March-15 April 2016

Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

Shelf – Into the Black – World Launcher Review 2015-16 – Thor Ballistic Missile

Flashback – A regular feature looking back 50 years ago this month

Satellite Digest – 521 March 2016

Society News – A Change of Leadership – BIS Vision and Strategy Meeting – Westcott gets a visit – Tom Stafford in Yorkshire

Obituary – Morris V. Jenkins (1923-2016)

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