Spaceflight Vol 58 No 08 – August 2016

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Bigelow’s expanded space
Gerard van de Haar and L. van den Abeelen report on the expansive plans of a billionaire’s dream to empower the drive for deep-space exploration through the use of compact, expandable structures rather than rigid modules.

Stellar performance!
Tim Peake returned home on 18 June. We take a look at the busy schedule during his six months in space and identify the milestones from launch to landing, also looking at the challenges of returning to Earth.

Tim Peake – the man
What kind of man is Tim Peake and what has it taken for him to become Britain’s first ESA astronaut? We reflect on his rise to fame and define why he has done this and how.

The Science of Principia
Tim Peake’s mission carried a lot of science and arguably the most directly relevant to people on Earth are the medical experiments and scientific studies into human physiology and psychology he conducted.

Celebrating a 25th!
Helen Sharman was the star guest at a gathering of cosmonauts in London to remember the first British astronaut and the mission which very nearly didn’t happen.

Soviet/Chinese Technical Forum
Dave Shayler recounts the 36th gathering of specialists and experts on space activities of the former Soviet bloc and on China’s emerging programme, a record attendance for an established BIS event.

Regular Features

News Analysis – Broken ARM

A Letter from the Editor

Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

ISS Report – 16 May-15 June 2016

Satellite Digest – 523 May 2016

Correspondence – Astronauts on Trees – A place to stay – A perfect pitch – Gender bender – Mixed emotions

Flashback – A regular feature looking back 50 years ago this month

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