Spaceflight Vol 58 No 10 – October 2016

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Controlling Exposure to Deadly Martian Microbes
People are dead set on going to Mars. Dr John Cain provides the last of his two articles examining the risks inherent in deep-space exploration with an examination of the possible dangers from working on the surface of the Red Planet. Can extremophiles from other worlds threaten human life – all of it?

Spacefest 7
Chris Starr attended the seventh Spacefest event this year at Tucson, Arizona, 9-12 June and reflects on a gathering of all the “greats” in the world of space together with astronauts, historians, artists and writers of science fact and science fiction.

Spaceflight at 60 Special!


Roots of Ownership – the origins of the BIS and the Journal

Spaceflight Rising – the story of the magazine’s history

Spaceflight and me – David Hardy on what Spaceflight meant to him

Memories – Clive Simpson on his association with the BIS and Spaceflight

Regular Features

News Analysis – Space action at Farnborough

A Letter from the Editor

Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

ISS Report – 16 July-15 August 2016

Flashback – A regular feature looking back 50 years ago this month

Satellite Digest – 525 July 2016

Society News – The BIS Space Conference - A Labour of Love - The Society’s 71st AGM - Removing Debris - The Sokol Spacesuit

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