Spaceflight Vol 59 No 04 – April 2017

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The birth of Cape Canaveral
Joel W. Powell has long had an interest in the origins and development of the Cape Canaveral facilities and again shares with us another chapter in the history of this remarkable place, from where the first US satellites were launched and from where early rocket tests took place.

Modelling the ISS
Keith McNeill shares with us his extraordinary effort at building a model of the International Space Station. Combined with masterful skills at making miniature modules and trusses, Keith brings great talent to bear with his photographic expertise.

ESA’s spaceplane at T+25 years
Luc van den Abeelen looks back to European aspirations for an autonomous spaceplane capable of carrying astronauts into space and conducting research experiments in microgravity conditions, re-examining the Hermes programme and its many vicissitudes.

Regular Features

News Analysis – Health check on Commercial Space

A Letter from the Editor

ISS Report – 9 January - 8 February 2017

Flashback – A regular feature looking back 50 years ago this month

Satellite Digest – 531 January 2017

Obituary – Eugene A. Cernan (1934-2017)

Society News – Patrick Moore Medal Award - NLV Study Day - Nominations Invited - Penny Wright MBE, FBIS - Astrofest UK - Space Art in Wells

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