Spaceflight Vol 59 No 06 – June 2017

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Blue Origin: Star Trek Reality
Gerard van der Haar and Luc van den Abeelen get inside the secretive Blue Origin company and dig deep into the aspirations of founder Jeff Bezos to explain his long-term plans and new launch vehicles.

Lunar Mission One
Some 45 years after the most recent human footprints were left on the Moon, plans are under way to send robot-ic surveyors to the lunar surface – and a personal digital box! Founder David Irons explains.

Cruising the Kuiper Belt
With a breath-taking fly-by of Pluto behind them, mission planners are targeting the New Horizons spacecraft for more encounters to come as it cruises deeper into this enigmatic region of the solar system.

Revelations from Rosetta
The comet has gone and with it further operations with the Rosetta spacecraft and the Philae lander but scientists are getting to grips with a fascinating story of change on the surface of a transient visitor.

TRAPPIST-1: Destination or Deceiver?
The recent announcement that there is a family of planets around the star TRAPPIST-1 sent speculation soaring that a mini solar system might harbour life. But all is not as it might at first seem.

Expeditions to the Outer Planets
Interest is growing in the role played by Uranus and Neptune as the dramatic part they played in organising the structure of our solar system becomes clearer, with some scientists calling for new missions.

Gateways to Mars?
NASA has an objective to send humans to Mars, but no plan. Commercial launch providers have a plan to provide rockets which could do that without taxpayer’s dollars. Do we just need to get the two together?

The Next Voyage of Columbia
Dwayne Day brings us up to date with restoration work on the Apollo 11 Command Module and gives a foretaste of a celebratory tour to come.

“Scooter” on stage
Rick Mulheirn was with astronaut Scott Altman on his recent visit to the UK and with with him and his wife to re-flect on a glittering career.

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