Spaceflight Vol 59 No 11 – November 2017

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Sizing launch vehicles

Superlatives reign supreme when manufacturers and launch vehicle providers speak of their rockets but just what are the parameters that define, small, medium, heavy or super-heavy rockets? FACTCHECKER answers that question and asks just how do the claims add up?

Countdown to Falcon Heavy
SpaceX is getting set to fly its super-heavy rocket, as audacious in its goal as anything launched to date by this entrepreneurial company. We assess the challenge and the risk and rate it against competitors as Elon Musk boasts bold new objectives.

Thunder at the Cape
Fifty years ago, in November 1967, NASA took a giant leap forward with the launch of the world’s biggest rocket, the Saturn V. Spaceflight begins its “Apollo at 50” coverage with a report on this remarkable event and provides detailed parametric information about the flight itself.

Navigating the Solar System
Charley Kohlhase reflects on a life supporting deep-space navigation.  Kohlhase was awarded the NASA Distinguished Service Medal in 2003 for an outstanding career of mission design achievements from the Mariner, Viking, Voyager, and Cassini planetary exploration programmes.

Saving the Geostationary Orbit
Stuart Eves, the lead mission concepts engineer at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, presents a disturbing view of physical forces first observed in the behaviour of asteroids to the life – and death – of geostationary satellites, posing explanations for their demise.

Regular Features

News Analysis – Back to the Moon: Back to the Future?

A Letter from the Editor

Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

ISS Report – 9 August - 8 September 2017

Satellite Digest – 538 August 2017

Society News – Society News – World Space Week is here again! – NLV study’s fifth "working day" – Skyfarm: Agriculture in space

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