Spaceflight Vol 60 No 04 – April 2018

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It flies. But where to?
Falcon Heavy opens a new chapter in the evolution of big rockets but where does it sit within the existing inventory of heavy-lifters? And where is its ultimate market potential?

The trouble with Apollo 6
Launched 50 years ago on the second Saturn V, Apollo 6 came close to complete disaster yet emerged unscathed in its qualification for human space flight to deep-space destinations.

Time to fly
Contributor Philip Corneille winds back the clock to the dawn of the space age and describes the Bulova watches approved for space flight and selected for X-15 pilots and Mercury astronauts.

Heavy metal Psyche
A report on NASA’s fast-tracked mission to a metallic asteroid that may shed further light on the formation of the solar system.

Arthur. A very personal memoir
BIS President-elect Gerry Webb winds up SpaceFlight’s series of personal reflections on the life and impact of Arthur C Clarke with an evocation of his early connections with this legendary futurist.

Regular Features

Behind the news
NASA plans its next space station.


ISS Report
9 January – 8 February 2018

John W. Young (1937-2017)

The Editor’s personal memories of John Young

Satellite Digest
543 – January 2018

Society news / Diary
What’s happened • What’s coming up


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