Spaceflight Vol 60 No 05 – May 2018

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Ways to go
Stephen Ashworth reports on a major seminar held by the British Interplanetary Society into issues regarding expeditions to Mars and the challenges likely to be faced by early settlers.

Hidden on the far side
Keith Wilson describes the impending launch of China’s latest robotic Moon mission – an ambitious double landing on the far side.

Route map to the stars
Contributor Peter Milne considers the challenges facing extra-solar navigation teams as they plan a mission to Alpha Centauri.

Is this our rendezvous with Rama?
In a connection to Arthur C. Clarke’s fictional encounter, Jordi Gutierrez describes the recent fly-by of a visitor from beyond the solar system.

Here’s to SPICE!
A little known activity at NASA/JPL is key to archiving software and datasets for mission analysis, as described by Charles H. Acton and Fabrizio Bernardini.

Kiwi Polish
New Zealand has become the latest country to launch a satellite from its own territory. Bob Evans takes a look behind the headlines.

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