Spaceflight Vol 60 No 06 – June 2018

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Snark infested skies
Joel Powell looks into the troubled history of an early cruise missile which made contributions to the rocket and space programmes of the early days while being a dismal failure as a weapon.

And then there were four
Gerard van der Haar and Jacques van Oene describe the newly named launch vehicle from Orbital ATK, the fourth in a plethora of new rockets vying for customers.

Saving Skylab (the Top Secret way)
Dwayne A. Day looks into the recently declassified archives and finds a subtext to the remarkable rescue mission of the Skylab space station involving the GAMBIT spy satellite.

Unidentified flying object
Analyst and specialist in Russian and Chinese space programmes, Phillip S. Clark examines the objectives behind the flight of Cosmos 2519 and associated satellites.

Belts and Braces
New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern answers a frequently asked question as to why precursors to the outer planets and beyond failed to explore the Kuiper Belt.

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9 March – 8 April 2018

Dr Harold R. Kaufman (1925-2018)

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545 – March 2018

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