Spaceflight Vol 60 No 07 – July 2018

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Along paths trod by Vikings
NASA’s InSIGHT Mars mission is off and running but how does it fit within the general pattern of Mars exploration and what can we expect of it, with its twin CubeSats designed to relay communications during the crucial descent?

Lost & Found
Dr Jim Clemmet explains how Beagle 2 came to be found residing apparently intact on the surface of Mars and how images from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have helped rewrite the final chapter of this so very nearly successful mission.

Prophet of the Space Age
Author of a seminal biography of the renowned space age publicist Willy Ley, Jared S Buss gets behind this sometimes enigmatic character and helps us understand how he planted the first seeds of expectation before Wernher von Braun picked up the baton.

Happy landings
Phillip S. Clark gives us another deeply insightful analysis of the Russian space programme and examines 135 Soyuz landing times and recovery conditions, providing data which can be useful in predicting future landings.

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