Spaceflight Vol 60 No 09 – September 2018

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NASA at 60: what does the future hold?
This month we devote 23 pages to the issues facing NASA as it celebrates 60 years in space.

Breaking up is hard to do
With the partners in the ISS about to celebrate 20 years of co-operation, we examine the options for NASA for managing its future use.

Supply v. Demand
There is a flaw in the assumptions made about privatised space stations: too much hardware, not enough users. The implications are sobering.

Staying around
Flight schedules for the Space Launch System have been revised, giving the Block 1 a much longer lease of life – and perhaps a permanent presence in the future launcher mix.

More than it seems
A look at how NASA is supporting a stimulating programme of near-Earth and deep-space missions to plug the gaps in our knowledge.

What's in a number?
How much does NASA cost the American taxpayer? Not a lot as it turns out…

Space meets STEM
ESERO-UK Space Ambassador Jo Richardson FRAS explains how a European-wide programme of information and stimulation is connecting young people with exciting careers in space

Regular Features

Behind the news
Lift-off for UK spaceports


ISS Report
9 June – 8 July 2018

Satellite Digest
548 – June 2018

Letters to the editor
Prescience or Instinct?, The Bigger Picture

Space models Chesley Bonestell-style

Society news / Diary

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