Spaceflight Vol 60 No 12 – December 2018

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Heading for the Heavens
Gurbir Singh reflects on India’s decision to place an astronaut in orbit. Coming off the back of stunning successes, is it driven by a sensible push to become only the fourth country to put a person in space – or just a cynical political move?

ISS2 – Building the Lunar Gateway
The Editor reviews current plans for assembling an orbital base point for future Moon exploration, and considers the different orbit options. But is the Gateway a genuinely critical step on the road to Mars, or merely a mirror of the ISS?

Shuttling to the Moon
On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8's historic journey into lunar orbit, the Editor surveys the potential for exploiting lunar resources and describes Lockheed Martin's proposal for a lander that could provide logistics support.

A new age of Enlightenment [on Mars?]
Known to BIS members and many others for his incisive writing, Stephen Ashworth takes a look at the belief systems on Earth and considers their potential for adoption on Mars. What moral principles will guide the first colonists – and how might things change as Martian society evolves?

Behind the news
Poor quality control blamed for Soyuz failure


ISS Report
9 September – 8 October 2018

The flight of Apollo 8, December 1968

Satellite Digest
551 – September 2018

Letters to the Editor
The long wait / Impetus or inspiration?

The latest space-related books, games, videos

Society news / Diary
What’s happened/ What’s coming up

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