SpaceFlight Vol 61 No 02 – February 2019

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Satellites, lightning trackers and space robots
Space historian Gerard van de Haar FBIS has researched the plethora of European payloads carried to the International Space Station by SpaceX Dragon capsules. He describes the wide range of scientific and technical experiments supporting a wide range of research initiatives.

In search of a role
Former scientist and spacecraft engineer Dr Bob Parkinson MBE, FBIS takes us back to the origins of the International Space Station and explains his own role in helping to bring about a British contribution – only to see it migrate to an unmanned environmental monitoring platform.

Shake, rattle and Rolex
On the 100th anniversary of the company’s birth, Philip Corneille traces the international story behind a range of Rolex watches used by astronauts and cosmonauts in training and in space, plus one that made it to the Moon.

Reach for the Skyrora
Ken MacTaggart FBIS tracks down the company building the first domestic UK satellite launcher in 50 years and explains how it can revolutionise low-cost services for small satellites, as well as igniting a resurgence in rocket development.


Behind the news
Feeling the heat / ...what now, Voyager? / Opportunity: is this really the end?


ISS Report
9 November – 8 December 2018

The latest space-related books, games, videos

Satellite Digest
553 – November 2018

Letters to the Editor
The long wait / Impetus or inspiration?

Society news / Diary
What’s happened/ What’s coming up

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