SpaceFlight Vol 61 No 03 – March 2019

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From Imagination to Reality
Noted amateur astronomer and writer Chris Starr reviews the outstanding extended mission of NASA's New Horizons as it conducts a flyby
of another Kuiper Belt object – the mysteriously shaped Ultima Thule.

Getting the Measure of Mercury
From the US, Dwayne A. Day reveals the persistent attempts of planetary scientists to attract more attention to the exploration of the planet Mercury – an endeavour in which they haven't always succeeded!

Apollo 9 – Dancing in the Dark
SpaceFlight Editor David Baker revisits the critical days in March 1969 when NASA first tested the Lunar Module with astronauts – one
of the most complex and demanding operations so far in the race to the Moon.

Out of the Shadows
Writer and award-winning space historian Francis French describes what it was like to find an unpublished memoir from an astronaut on NASA’s first crewed Apollo flight and how it came to be turned into a book.


Behind the news
The Long Road to the Far Side


ISS Report
9 December 2018 – 8 January 2019

Satellite Digest
554 – December 2018

Society news / Diary
What’s happened/ What’s coming up

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