SpaceFlight Vol 61 No 04 – April 2019

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Taking the High Road
Scottish firm Orbex is planning a radical approach to a launch vehicle for the small satellite market that will fly from the UK.

Return of the Black Arrow
Ken MacTaggart FBIS delves into archives to celebrate the return of an iconic example of British engineering excellence: the first stage of the late-lamented Black Arrow rocket.

Patch works – the art of Space Age heraldry
Space-sleuth and historian Joel W. Powell looks at the remarkable array of mission patches and logos that have, sometimes controversially, adorned spacecraft over the last 60 years.

The Impact of Apollo – Part 1
Nick Spall FBIS begins his three-part series surveying the impact of the Moon landings on human society, technology and the subsequent development of space exploration.

Two to get ready
Long-time collector of space-age artefacts and memorabilia Mark Yates describes a particularly important document from the Apollo 16 mission – the Cue Card preparing the astronauts for their EVAs in the rugged lunar highlands.


Behind the news
Everyone’s gone to the Moon!


ISS Report
9 January – 8 February 2019

The latest space-related books, games, videos

Satellite Digest
555 – January 2019

Society news / Diary
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