SpaceFlight Vol 61 No 08 – August 2019

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The first Moonwalk
Concluding our detailed coverage of the Apollo 11 mission, we look at activities associated with planning and executing the first lunar surface EVA, in which the initial set of experiments was laid out by Armstrong and Aldrin.

A very British contribution
BIS Fellow Keith Wright gives a first-hand account of his days working on the Apollo programme, where he helped to get the experiment packages ready and made his own unique contribution to the Apollo 11 mission by sending a Union Jack to the Moon!

Faltering decisions
Why did the Russians take so long to start their Moon programme? Editor David Baker reflects on his own discussions with senior Soviet decision-makers 15 years after Apollo 11.

Unsung hero
Space professional Fabrizio Bernardini FBIS reflects on the lasting contribution of Howard Tindall Jr, to the success of Apollo.

Marking time for cosmonauts
Philip Corneille continues his coverage of watches flown by astronauts and cosmonauts with a description of the FORTIS chronograph, the first of its kind to fly in space.


Behind the news
Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow


ISS Report
9 May – 8 June 2019

The latest space-related books, games, videos

Satellite Digest
559 – May 2019

Society news / Diary
What’s happened/ What’s coming up

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