SpaceFlight Vol 62 No 04 – April 2020

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The need for Speed
The ISS has just received a significant upgrade to its data and communication system through a device the size of a domestic refrigerator which will enable a high-speed link with Earth.

Set the controls for the heart of the Sun
Scott Hatton and John Sealander report on the latest solar science probe, designed to dive deep into the Sun’s heliosphere.

Saved by the Book
Dr Michael Warner explores the fascinating tale of how rare Apollo 13 mission documents tell their own story about momentous events 50 years ago.

When in Rome
Davide Marco reports from the first New Space Economic Forum in Italy on how a new wave of optimism is driving Europe’s space initiatives.

A Sting in the Tale
The Editor takes a long look at Scorpion, a multi-mission space vehicle conceived and designed by former BIS President Mark Hemspell and offers a supporting critique.


Behind the news
Mission possible – Boeing's Starliner stumbles – Not so fast!


Space UK
Two legs good…eight legs better! – UK space industry punches well above its weight

ISS Report
9 January - 8 February 2020

The latest space-related books, games, videos

Letters to the Editor

Satellite Digest
567 – January 2020

Society news / Diary
What’s happened/ What’s coming up

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