SpaceFlight Vol 62 No 06 – June 2020

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The quiet Earth
SpaceFlight surveys the global lockdown and finds that satellites are providing evidence of a natural world bouncing back and of scientists able to do much more than they could before.

Top marks for Perseverance
With the launch window for Mars 2020 fast approaching, we take a close look at how final preparations for NASA’s latest rover are coming together and at the unique items of equipment that could make Perseverance a historic “first”.

The rover returns
Long-standing contributor Dwayne A. Day examines the plan to use Mars 2020 as the springboard for a sample-return mission in which NASA and the European Space Agency join forces to get dust from the Red Planet to Earth.


Behind the news
SpaceX is Go! – But Boeing’s Starliner is still marking time – NASA’s deep space gatekeeper – Deep space mining


ISS Report
9 March – 8 April 2020

Obituary – Al Worden (1932-2020)

The latest space-related books, games, videos

Satellite Digest
569 – March 2020

Society news / Diary
What’s happened/ What’s coming up

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