Britain and Human Space Flight

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by Richard Farrimond

A product of exhaustive scholastic research, Richard Farrimond explores the somewhat chequered story of the UK’s involvement with human space flight. From the prophetic 17th century writings of Dr John Wilkins, a co-founder of the Royal Society, to the assignment of Tim Peake to represent ESA aboard the International Space Station in 2015, this book is a tour-de-force of efforts to get Britons into space.

Selected and trained as a Payload Specialist for NASA’s Shuttle, Richard Farrimond brings a unique perspective to the story of how UK scientists, engineers and advocates struggled amid indifference and complacency to trounce bureaucracy and gain British participation in this most exciting expression of human achievement.

From a dissertation he wrote for a Master of Arts degree at Kings College, London, Richard Farrimond, a former colonel in the British Army and senior professional in the UK space industry has written a unique and incisive analysis in a 96 page document that tells for the first time the ups and downs of the UK’s human space flight initiative. With a foreword by Helen Sharman.

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