The History of Mir 1986-2000 & Mir – The Final Year

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The History of Mir 1986-2000

Human space flight will be influenced for generations to come by lessons learnt on Mir and this new BIS book chronicles its development as the first truly international space station. The story of Mir is remarkable - one of the great successes of modern space exploration. Continuously occupied in Earth orbit for 15 years, Mir's cosmonaut and astronaut visitors set many new space records. The book's contributors are all experts on aspects of the Soviet-Russian and American space programmes and "The History of Mir" is set to become a key reference work in its own right.

Mir - The Final Year

The Mir Space Station came down to Earth on 23 March 2001. This supplement completes the story told in the BIS publication 'The History of Mir 1986 - 2000'. Mir - The Final Year, covers details of the Final Re-entry Operations. It has updates on EVAs, experiments as well as details of the crews who did not fly to Mir due to the curtailment of operations and many new crew photos have been added in a photo file.


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