The International Space Station – Vol 1 & 2

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The International Space Station - From Imagination to Reality (Volume 1)

This full colour publication includes the development of the International Space Station during its formative years. It covers the first concepts up to the initial stages of construction to the end of 2001. There are many drawings and pictures shown for the first time. This is a detailed record of the first stage of construction of a Space Station which will be a permanent base for manned operation for many years.

The International Space Station - From Imagination to Reality (Volume 2)

This book is the second in the series charting the progress of the International Space Station and covers the operations of the station from 2002 to early 2005. During this period its construction has been delayed due to the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia on a mission not directly related to station operations but which was conducting a number of science experiments that is also a prime purpose of the station. This accident brings home again that space travel is never routine and is always operating on the edge. The loss of a shuttle means major changes in both day to day station operations and the methods of supplying the resident crews with the basics of sustaining station occupation.

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