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How To Colonise The Stars (USB or MP4 download)

How To Colonise The Stars (USB or MP4 download)


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This documentary explores some of the technical challenges facing mankind's expansion into the cosmos. This includes where we might go, how we will get there and what we may find when we eventually do. Featuring interviews with some leading physicists and engineers in the field of interstellar travel, discussing some of the deep issues we face when considering the problem of sending spacecraft to other stars. This includes propulsion schemes, colonisation, detection of earth like planets and even terraforming. It also includes NASA footage and computer animation to look at the technologies - both available and speculative. The film reveals that far from being science fiction, scientists have been considering the problem for decades and have even embarked on landmark engineering studies such as the British Interplanetary Society Project Daedalus study in the 1970s. Will mankind ever truly become a space fairing civilisation? This film reveals our potential future among the stars.

Running time: 50 mins

Available on USB Stick or WeTransfer download link (the link will be e-mailed by the next working day)

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