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The British Interplanetary Society is your inside connection with the space flight community. As space professionals, academics and enthusiasts worldwide, our members get the latest space news with expert analysis, and work together to advance knowledge and to advocate the exploration and use of space. For over 80 years, BIS has developed visionary concepts in spaceflight, from imagination to reality.

By joining BIS, you support our work to advance our future in space, and gain the following benefits:

  • Monthly issues of Spaceflight, the world’s leading space and astronautics magazine
  • Membership of a worldwide network of like-minded space professionals, enthusiasts and students
  • Free access to our programme of lectures, including opportunities to meet astronauts and leading figures in space science, technology and exploration
  • Access to the members’ section of the BIS website including exclusive lectures, videos and reports
  • Access to the BIS library, one of the world’s most comprehensive astronautical collections
  • Regular email updates from the Society, including Odyssey, our e-magazine

How much does it cost? Here are our current prices: Subscription_Fees_2020.pdf

Membership runs from January to December each year. If you join partway through the year, you will receive the back issues of the publications to which you have subscribed. If you choose to receive a printed publication, then you can choose to receive the digital version as well, for no extra charge.

We currently have a special offer whereby you will receive October, November and December editions of your chosen publication in 2019 plus all of 2020 if you join today.   This offer is only available to new members joining up until (and including) 30 November 2019.

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