Why Join The BIS?

Play your part in the future by joining the world’s foremost Society in the space and astronautical field. You receive Spaceflight as part of the special offer membership. Reduced rates apply to applicants under the age of 22, full-time students and to those who are over 65.

Benefits of Membership

1. Open and inclusive: The Society is for everyone from science fiction fans, students, industry professionals, academics and space enthusiasts. The BIS unites those who are interested in all things Space.

2. Visionary and inspirational: We provide thought leadership on spaceflight and astronautics through publications, innovative technical projects, symposia and events.

3. Cutting edge: We curate and stimulate the latest research.

4. Connection and participation: We foster debate and provide a global home for people interested in Space to connect with each other. We provide a spiritual home for enthusiasts, academics, scientists, engineers, astronauts and space professionals. The ability to participate in technical projects.

5. Global Influence: Our earth-wide membership includes some of the world’s leading thinkers on spaceflight.

6. Unique heritage: An amazing foundation of pioneering ideas and members have come from the Society with some of the founding figures in astronautics, including Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

7. Knowledge base and education: The BIS holds one of the world’s leading specialist astronautics libraries and an extensive archive.

8. Exciting events: The BIS provides the opportunity to meet like-minded people and hear talks by astronauts, leading spaceflight engineers, scientists and thought leaders. Many of these are free events to BIS members.

Membership runs from January to December each year. If you join partway through the year, you will receive the back issues of the publication to which you have subscribed. Around August each year we usually introduce a special offer whereby you receive the remainder of the current year free, plus the rest of the following year.

To join the BIS online, go to the Membership Application page. 

Be sociable; support the BIS!