Digital Subscriptions of Spaceflight, JBIS and Space Chronicle

As part of the digital subscription we offer PDF versions of our three publications which form part of membership of the BIS.

Digital Subscription e-mail

Example of a digital subscription e-mail

Sample editions can be downloaded here:

If a member takes this subscription, the member will receive a mail once a month, per publication (once each six months for Space Chronicle) with a download link to the latest issue of the PDF version of the selected publication, silmar to the one shown here.

The member then clicks on the hyperlink which downloads the PDF directly to their computer/pad etc. where they can then transfer to a pad or other reading device if necessary.

We are constantly improving this new process, so that in the future each member will be able to enter their code and the list of their current and previously available editions of Spaceflight, JBIS and/or Space Chronicle will be listed, showing how many further downloads of the link are available to them.

We offer support by e-mail for this service. Note that this subscription is the cheapest membership option because the member does not receive a printed copy of the publication. Anyone taking the printed membership subscription can optionally request the PDF download in addition, for free.

Should you require any further information about this digital membership, please contact us via the contact form on this website or to join the BIS go to the BIS shop and select new/renew membership.

Ralph Timberlake FBIS
Digital Subscriptions and Website Support

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