How to start a new Technical Project

The Technical Committee’s brief is to initiate and monitor the society’s formal Technical Projects; but unfortunately the BIS does not have the resources to simply “pick up and run with” good ideas, however worthy. Hence the basic requirements are:

  • that the proposed project should have a leader or “champion”
  • the project should have demonstrable support
  • the leader joins the Technical Committee (which meets every three months) in order to liaise and report progress

It may be that some technical subjects already have a following amongst the BIS membership, perhaps as an informal ‘interest group’, but should it be necessary to find out if other members are interested in a particular subject, the following steps as listed at the end of the BIS monthly newsletter are suggested:

Once some momentum has been achieved, contact the chair of the Technical Committee (currently Robin Brand), by email [email protected], or the Technical Project enquiry webpage ( ), or the office at the BIS HQ. The chair will forward the proposal to the next Technical Committee meeting for a decision on whether to accept it as a new Technical Project.

Be sociable; support the BIS!