Writing Articles

Information for Authors

Submitting an article for Spaceflight magazine

Spaceflight is a widely read magazine published monthly by the Society. It covers a wide range of topics from current issues to important historical research, and owes its popularity to the quality of articles submitted. This page assists authors in their preparation of material for publication.

When submitting a manuscript for consideration by the editor of Spaceflight magazine please note the following points:

1.  Text
a. On CD or DVD
b. E-mail to [email protected]
c. Hard copy text can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances or if of a very short length.

2.   Illustrations
Hard copy or electronic with a resolution of 300 dpi in JPG or TIFF format.

3.   Manuscripts
Manuscripts are accepted for publication on the understanding that Copyright is vested in the Society. Requests for further reproduction should be directed to the Executive Secretary.

4.   Editorial Processing
The Editor reserves the right to make any editorial changes necessary to conform to House Style, or to fit the space available. Every effort is made to supply page proofs to authors for checking.

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