Committees of the Society

These are listed below and have been set up either to run the affairs of the Society in a fit and proper way (i.e. under our Charter, UK Legislation and Charities Commission rules etc). Some of the work of Committees overlap – History and the Library  Committees for instance with respect to collection of items of historic importance.

Executive Committee

These consist of Council and the Finance and General Purposes Committee, serving an executive function in the Society.

Non-Executive Committees

These Committees are open to all members of the Society and with exception (granted by Council) named non-members whose contribution is considered essential. The President has the right of attending any and all of these Committees as he sees fit.

History Committee

Its role is “to be responsible for academic issues relating to the history of astronautics. This shall include the encouragement and facilitation of general academic work, the initiation of specific projects and supporting the Events Committee in the running of specialist symposia.”

This is the most active Committee in our Society and current initiatives include:

  • Organizing future History Events
  • Preparation of papers for future IAC (IAA) History Sessions

Library Committee

Martin Postranecky is the current Chair of Library Committee which includes John Becklake, Mel Hacker, Colin Philp, Dave Shayler, Alistair Scott and John Silvester as members, with Mary Todd providing administration support.

The Library Committee provides assistance in approving Library additions, framing suitable operating rules and manning and running the Library on open days. Its work also includes the collect and preservation of books, reports, artefacts and other materials suitable for display purposes. The Group is also committed to the promotion and use of the Library and its facilities to the wider membership.

This is a most important Committee, working closely with the History and Media Committees, as its remit includes the efficient management of a unique and precious asset, our library.

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for planning and organising all the Society’s events including evening lectures, specialist symposia, conferences and technical forums and workshops at the BIS Headquarters in London and other events elsewhere in the UK. The Committee should, where possible, support all events organised by the BIS and its regional branches and, if the BIS Council deem it feasible, can appoint a project organiser and an organising committee for special events.

The aim of all BIS events is to entertain, inform, educate and/or promote the BIS and its mission.

Publications Committee

The Spaceflight editor is chair of this group.

It is responsible for production of the monthly issues of Spaceflight, JBIS, Space Chronicle (three issues per year and Odyssey together with preparation and publication of periodic special promotional, publicity, website, social media and other material delegated to it by the Council via the Finance and General Purposes Group.

Marketing Committee

The Committee is discussing all aspects of the BIS and its operation with regard to its recovery and future success, and considering operations not currently overseen by other action groups. This includes bringing more business focus to the Society, making it more outward-looking and in particular looking at marketing, communications, and the service the BIS delivers to its members. The group also considers vision, strategy, the management of the BIS, and communication within the Society. The group reports to the Council.

Technical Committee

Committee terms of reference – responsible for technical issues relating to astronautics. Includes: 1. Encouragement and facilitation of general academic work  2. The evaluation, initiation, monitoring and bringing to a close, specific technical projects and  3. Supporting the Events Committee in the running of specialist symposia.            

Specific Projects

The currently active projects are listed below. Click on the names for details.

Project Icarus

The SPACE Project

The SLV (Small Launch Vehicle)

Project Q-cube

Project TOKNEP

BIS Technical Committee Members


  NAME ROLE Project Leader
Robin Brand Full Member & Chair SLV Project
Richard Osborne Full Member  
Mark Hempsell Full Member Project Q-Cube
Gerry Webb Full Member  
  Grif Ingram Full Member  
  Jerry Stone Full Member The SPACE Project
  Rob Swinney Full Member Project Icarus
  David Homfray Full Member Project TOKNEP
  Stuart Eves Expert Panel (Satellite Space Systems & Traffic Control)
  Keith Wright Expert Panel (Mission safety, reliability, QA etc.)
  Andrew Ratcliffe Expert Panel (Expertise = pending)
  Alan Bond Expert Panel (Expertise = pending)
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