Permanent Staff of the BIS

The Executive Secretary of the BIS (Mrs Gill Norman) reports directly to Council and in special circumstances also directly to the President. Gill has overall responsibility for managing the Society affairs in accordance with requirements laid down by Council (including Staff, Training, Health and Safety, Charities Commission, Publications, Meetings & Events (UK and abroad), monthly accounts/budget, Society Bank Accounts, Auditors. The Executive Secretary is responsible for organizing and reporting all executive meetings of the BIS (ie Finance and General Purposes Committee and Council and by default, International Liaison Committee). In addition, there is a special responsibility for the Society’s lending library.

The Office Manager (Mrs Mary Todd) is responsible for the efficient running of Society affairs and reports directly to the Executive Secretary. Duties include organizing and reporting all other committee meetings of the Society (History, Membership, Constitution, Technical, Programme, Library, Publications). Recording of members’ details and subscriptions.


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