Rocks and Robots

Rocks and Robots

Getting primary school kids excited about space exploration!

British Interplanetary Society member, Liz Tinlin, is also a volunteer STEM Ambassador, and runs a talk called ‘Rocks and Robots’ for primary students 6-10 years old, which is ideal as a Space Week activity. We caught up with her to see what it’s all about:

“It’s an interactive talk that’s all about hunting for the geology of Earth, elsewhere in the solar system. So we talk about volcanoes, ice caps, meteorite impacts and oceans, and each is given to a team, and then we go on a tour of the solar system to see what we can find. Using NASA imagery gives it the wow it needs to engage them, and they love the team aspect. They usually have a million questions to keep me on my toes, it’s a noisy high energy session!”

The talk is only 1-1.5hours, and aims to inspire and delight kids with knowledge and mysteries of space, and what they could get involved in when they grow up. Says Liz “they love hearing about the rovers on mars (though they worry the robots might get lonely!), but the finale is the NASA squid idea to burrow into oceans of Europa. I’ve not yet found a child who doesn’t think that’s cool and wants to be part of it!”

She is based in Twickenham and offers these talks to schools within an hour’s travel, as a break from her day job as a strategy consultant (with expertise in brand, marketing, science and sustainability for

Liz currently has some availability left in Space Week so if you know a school that would like this talk, please contact her on [email protected].

Alternatively, this could give you some ideas for how to do your own Space Week activity!


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