WSW2014 Report – Summary


In 2014 the UK registered an amazing 153 events in over 40 cities, which were organised by 80 separate companies, societies, schools and individuals.


These events included:

Online book launches, Space-fact tweets, Astronomy Festivals, Talks, ‘Tweet the Expert’ on Twitter, Workshops, Geocaching activities, Earthcaching events, STEM ambassador visits, Music, Space poetry reading, Arts, Drama, and Special Film screenings.

WSW2104 events were organized and run by:

Schools, Families, Members of the public, Outreach providers, Space companies, Professional event companies, Science centres, Astronomical Societies, Schools, Universities, Twitter account holders, Small businesses, Space Agencies, Writers and publishers, Amateur and professional groups and societies.


The official 2014 launch event was held in Northern Ireland to help publicise the start of the new Northern Ireland Space Science Technology level 2 qualification, the first vocational space qualification for this age group in Europe. Northern Ireland’s WSW2014 effort also included preparation events during September in schools and a weeklong celebration, with events and school displays at many of the key science facilities and public areas throughout the provinces.

The UK mainland’s largest registered event was TechnopopLondon, held at The International Quarter in Stratford. Technopop Ltd dedicated their first week to World Space Week, during which they held over 40 individual WSW2014 events and attracting over 3500 visitors.

The UK Space Agency held their previously successful ‘Tweet the Expert’.

Our events even reached across Europe, with the Italian branch of the British Interplanetary Society holding events and raising awareness of World Space Week in Italy.

In addition, I also implemented an on-going WSW event by placing WSW ‘Trackables’ in existing Caches throughout the UK. TB6NTC9 has already travelled over 615 miles and is currently in a geocache in Switzerland. This will be revisited for WSW2015.


WSW_UK Social Media

In 2014, The British Interplanetary Society also began a WSW_UK Social Media network. This has meant that we can, more accurately, record and assess the UK’s impact towards the global communication effort and its effectiveness in raising the profile of Space Science. WSW_UK is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. This year’s results focus on the data collected from Twitter and Facebook.


In 2014, the British Interplanetary Society also developed a dedicated sub-website with UK-relevant WSW information, resources, links and UK events page at: and a range of WSW_UK merchandise.




Events: 153
Cities: 59
Venues: 84
Online: 2
Organisers: 80

Breakdown of organisers:

Space Companies: 5
Schools: 11
Universities: 2
Museums: 2
Science centres: 9
Outreach providers: 10
Amateur Astro Societies: 20
Other Societies: 5
Organisations: 10
Online/Individuals: 4
Other: 2

Social Media Data

2014 saw the launch of:

  • WSW_UK dedicated website
  • @WSW_UK Twitter account
  • WSW_UK Facebook Page
  • WSW_UK YouTube account (awaiting 2014 content)
  • WSW_UK Google+ account (in development)

NB: Due to a technical error, the Twitter data during the most active Social Media period (4-7th Oct) was not recorded.

Twitter data for 8-12 October:



Finally, it has been brought to my attention that many events were unable to be registered due to a registration glitch in the weeks leading up to WSW2014 and therefore, I believe, that the results stated above do not accurately represent the total UK participation. The 2014 UK Media Impressions are also still being calculated, as we wait for event information to be updated on the Global calendar.

FaceBook Page data:


Other Social Media Links:

WSW_UK Links:


World Space Week Association Links

Global Flickr Group


Please CONTACT US if you have any WSW2014 event stories, photographs or videos, that we can publish on this site.

Thank you for helping to make 2014 the best year for WSW_UK so far!

By Vix Southgate



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