WSW2020 Theme

World Space Week Association’s board of directors decide on a different theme each year, to inspire new and exciting events.


The theme for World Space Week 2020 is:

“Satellites Improve Life”

For more than sixty years -since the first human-made satellite was launched into space- satellite technology has impacted life for everyone on this planet in many ways; from monitoring weather patterns and climate change, to live broadcasting news and events, as well as navigation and locating lost smartphones through GPS technology. It is now very hard to imagine life without satellites.

Satellites used to be big and expensive pieces of technology, but a change has taken place in the past 10 years. 10-centimetre (4 inch) cube-shaped satellites called cubesats often piggyback when bigger equipment is launched, thereby drastically reducing launch cost. It is not uncommon nowadays for schools and universities to launch their own cubesats for scientific and educational purposes.

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