25th Century Games Kickstarts Space Explorers

To coincide with the start of World Space Week, 25th Century Games launched the game on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding website that helps creators bring projects to life. The campaign will run from Oct 2nd to Oct 24th and the game is available to be shipped worldwide.


If you’re looking for a board game experience that captures the retro feel of the space race in the 1960s, then “Space Explorers” from tabletop game publisher 25th Century Games has you covered.

In the game, players are the heads of their own Research and Development Hub within a Space Research Center. The goal is to gather the best and brightest minds humanity has to offer and complete large scale space projects.


Since we met our goal within 48 hours, EVERY backer who joins the campaign will receive a custom-made embroidered mission patch! 

Chad Elkins

Space Explorers features 20 different historical spacecrafts, 10 American and 10 Soviet, covering satellites, manned spaceships, and orbital stations. A wide range of spacecrafts can be found int he game form the Golden Age of Astronautics, including project from Sputnik, Gemini, and Apollo.

The gameplay is relatively simple, but filled with varying strategies on the path to victory. If you’re looking for a new tabletop game addition for game night that has a historical space age vibe, then Space Explorers is worth checking out.



You can find more 25th Century games here: http://25thCenturyGames.com


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