For Events Organisers

WSW ideas

Why not run events directly associated with this year’s theme, ‘Discovery’

This can include: Geocaching WSW_UK have put into circulation, a series of WSW trackables that are travelling the globe.

Please see our ideas page for more information on the WSW_UK Geocaching event or contact us to see how you can get involved!

A simplified version of geocaching for young children could be a treasure hunt which uses smartphone maps function via visual/mapped clues, as opposed to GPS co-ordinates.

Promotion & Publicity

You can promote your event through local and national media channels as well as social media.

Please download the UK Press Release example for you to edit and use with local and national media companies.

In addition: The World Space Week Association will generate as much publicity as possible for events that are occurring during World Space Week. This will include a combination of:

  • Social media promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Providing a place on where you can load your event on our website

Listing your event

To ensure that your event is seen by as many people as possible, we invite you to list it here, on the global website. Also make sure you check the global event calendar for updates.

Brand your event

To help develop a strong ‘Festival Brand’, we are encouraging all organisations to co-brand events with “World Space Week”. This helps people become aware of the festival, and will help build a brand for future years. It also allows your event attendees to become aware of other events being organised in your area. This is a win-win scenario, as people attending other events will similarly hear about yours.

Click here to download the World Space Week logo.



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