Man & Moon inspires kids with the true story of the greatest ever human adventure!

The story of Apollo 11 can be a great way to inspire kids about space and science in general. Liz Tinlin brings the story to life in a fabulous way for primary age children, and they learn a lot along the way about space, the moon, the 1960s, the leaps and risks it took to get humans to the moon, and our possible future there.

Liz is a STEM Ambassador who volunteers her time on Fridays to bring this talk to as many primary schools as possible, particularly around World Space Week this term. She utilises a huge array of images and videos from the NASA archive and beyond, and tells the story whilst fielding a continually flow of excited and puzzled questions from the students. Questions that can cover anything from ‘what happens if you fall into a black hole?’ through to ‘can you touch a star?’ and ‘what would happen if you fell out of the rocket?’!
“This session is great fun, I love how the kids get so into the space race story, and how it really makes them think about space itself, not just the Apollo missions”, Liz tells us.

And the teachers agree. As the head of science at a Wimbledon school says “Liz was an amazing speaker! Right from the start she captured the imagination of the children – she made excellent use of videos and slides, but also engaged the children by talking to them at exactly the right level and using volunteers very effectively. Her knowledge about all things space related is vast!”
The final words need to go to some of those delighted students: “Thank you for your talk, it was sooooooooooo interesting!” (Rory, age 8). “I learned so much, my favourite part was the blast off into space” (Lucy, age 9). “I was incredibly inspired and when humans can go to Neptune I want to go!” (Olivia, age 9). “It was the best Friday ever!!” (Yuki, age 9).

Liz is now taking bookings for this talk for winter term, and more details can be found at There is no charge to schools, they just need to be within easy travelling distance of Twickenham. You can also send Liz an email .

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