Paraboladies present Space Medicine at King’s College for WSWS2019

On the 4th of October, the Paraboladies team invites you to a unique event at King’s College London to celebrate World Space Week! All are welcome for a wonderful evening of space medicine and networking, sponsored by the UK Students for the Exploration and Development of space (UKSEDS).
The 2x 1 hour presentations will open your minds to a whole new exciting aspect of space, namely how to look after the human body in such alien conditions!

The first presentation will be by the Paraboladies – a group of 4 women interested in Aerospace Medicine from a variety of backgrounds including medicine, human sciences, and physics. We formed our team to partake in the European Student Aerospace Challenge 2018/19, after bonding at an Aerospace Medicine open day at RAF Farnborough, UK. Lauren and Nina had previously met whilst attending the European Space Agency’s Human Space Physiology Training Course in 2018, both being medical students in London. Maia and Eleonor both completed University College London’s Space Medicine module as part of their undergraduate degrees. Lauren, Maia, and Nina are now studying for Master’s degrees in Space Physiology and Health at King’s College London.

For the challenge we undertook a project entitled, “Pre-Flight Medical Checks in the Commercial Suborbital Spaceflight Participant”, producing a 60-page report and poster presentation of our findings from a literature review and qualitative questionnaire to professionals in aerospace medicine. We presented this research as part of the challenge at the Suborbital Day 2 in Paris, France 2019. After this, we presented our research at the International Space Development Conference in Arlington, USA 2019; at the UK Space Primer in London, UK 2019; and are due to present at the UK Space Conference in Newport, Wales 2019. A shared passion and commitment to Aerospace Medicine has meant that our participation in the challenge has grown into further research that we hope to publish as well as science outreach activities.
We are looking forward to introducing space medicine to attendees and presenting our pre-flight checks research.

This will be followed by our keynote speaker, Dr Thais Russomano, presenting “Human Physiology in Space Missions – Achievements and Challenges”. This is designed to raise your awareness and understanding of mankind’s final frontier. It gives an overview of manned spaceflight and how the body functions and adapts (or not) to the hostile environment of space, covering the cardiovascular, pulmonary, muscle, bone and neuro systems, considering also future habitats on the Moon and Mars. It further presents psychological reactions of the body to manned space missions, parabolic flights as a way of simulating the microgravity of space, and how countermeasures are designed and used to minimize the effects of microgravity, hypogravity and radiation on the astronaut body and mind. It ends with an example of how technology developed for space use can benefit health-related fields on Earth.

For a *FREE* evening of space medicine and networking with fellow attendees please join our facebook event.You can also register by following this link.

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