Space-themed goody bags up for grabs in WSW annual celebration

WSWUK is calling EVERYONE to join the Moon-Themed World Space Week celebrations, 4-10 October.


This year World Space Week celebrates the 50th anniversary of Project Apollo and especially the first Moon landing by Apollo 11 in July, 1969 and the 2019 theme; ‘The Moon: Gateway to the Stars’ has been set to encourage as many Moon-themed events as possible this year.

World Space Week Association also celebrates its own anniversary this year; it is 20 years since the United Nations General Assembly declared World Space Week to be celebrated annually from 4-10 October.

As a special incentive for those working in education, the WSW UK team at The British Interplanetary Society are collating a limited number of packs of Space-related goodies for schools, teachers, outreach providers or societies to use as prizes for their WSW2019 events.  So the sooner you register your interest online the more likely you are to win a WSWUK goody bag*.


What you have to do to join the celebrations is simple:

Step 1:  Plan a space-themed event or activity to happen during 4-10 October.

The Global organisation aims to engage with as wide an audience as possibleand previous events have included: Public talks, Exhibitions, Space-themed Arts events (drama, poetry evenings), Science Festivals etc. Even online events and book launches are valid WSW events. And everyone, at whatever level and age, can make a difference.

WSW in Schools

WSW doesn’t have to be an extra effort for teachers as it can be incorporated into existing lesson plans, by simply adding a Space theme to the session;

  • Science, astronomy, physics, Maths, IT, etc: as well as real-life applications and matters, which affect our daily lives. Earth environmental sciences and resources monitoring, telecommunications/GPS, but also the implications of ‘Space junk’ in Earth orbit, and even Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and asteroid impact prevention
  • Space art, design and technology: anything from doing a painting, to building spacecraft, astronauts, sculptures, etc. from inexpensive bits & pieces, to creating a Lunar or Martian landscape using reclaimed material for environmental awareness
  • Literature and history – from Dan Dare and the early science fiction ‘Masters’, astronauts’ autobiographical accounts of their missions to space poetry and other artistic representations of space exploration and travel
  • Have a fancy dress day or Space party… The only limitation is your imagination!

Whatever your students are studying during 4-10 October 2019, there is almost certainly to be a space-relation that you can link into to create a week of Out Of This World learning at every level.


Step 2: Register your interest using the online form.

It’s really that simple!

October may seem far away, but it will be upon us in no time at all.

Start now, develop your ideas and reserve dates for your activities NOW!


*Goody bags will contain a minimum of 5 space-related items and will be mostly aimed at school-aged recipients in order to encourage engagement with educational establishments and to inspire the next generation.

If we get enough interest; Special edition Apollo-themed goody bags will also be available to purchase by September.



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