Staying safe during WSW2020 – video submissions wanted


In light of this pandemic, WSWUK has decided to focus on encouraging the creation of virtual WSW2020 events.

Online events can be pre-recorded, or streamed live, and they can happen regardless of the situation.

In the event that large-scale physical events are possible by October 4-10 2020, we would strongly advise a Plan B, which uses the content created now as part of your event!

Every year, WSW events range from public events of hundreds and thousands; to small household gatherings and meetups. This year, we want to encourage many more of the small-scale events such as;

Virtual space quizzes

Online lectures

Meet-ups (on Zoom, Teams, GoogleMeet, Skype, FaceTime, etc)

Space-related YouTube content showings

Online cinemas

Online Parties

…and anything else you can think of!

The theme for WSW2020 is  ‘Satellites Improve Life’ 

We encourage organisers to utilise this theme, however, ANY space-themed event held between 4-10 October can be registered on the Global Calendar as an official WSW event at:

Let’s stay safe whilst celebrating WSW2020!

If you have an idea for a WSW2020 virtual event, we would love to hear about it!

Please contact us



In addition to any events you are planning for WSW2020, WSWUK would like submissions of short videos, which can be used on social media to promote your plans, as well as create an online showcase of UK events before and during WSW, October 4-10.
If you have an idea that you would like to submit, please can you try to abide by these few continuity guidelines:

We would like to provide the viewer with high energy, fun, inspiring, engaging, interesting and informative content on a wide variety of space-related topics.

When recording yourself please make sure you record:
Content: Must be suitable for all ages.
Format: Landscape
Background: Plain (uncluttered)
Props: Only if they enhance interest in the subject matter
Length: No longer than 3 minutes
Target audience: Young education (4-16) / General public (all ages)
If you would like to submit something more technical/ higher level, then please contact the BIS directly.

How to enter your WSW2020 submission:

Please send your written proposal, or edited video via
DM us on Twitter or



The main BIS website is also always looking for written content and submissions for events throughout the year.

For more information please click on the links below:

Events for Website

News posts/Blog Article for Website

Requesting publicity for an event or a news item

Requesting a mention in the newsletter

Instructions can be found here:

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