World Space Week 2018 Theme Announced

The theme for UN-declared World Space Week 2018 will be “Space Unites the World,” was announced by World Space Week Association (WSWA).

“World Space Week, October 4-10, 2018 will celebrate the role of space in bringing the world closer together,” said WSWA President Dennis Stone.

The theme is inspired by UNISPACE+50, an historic gathering of world space leaders which will occur in 2018. UNISPACE+50 will promote cooperation between spacefaring and emerging space nations and help space exploration activities become open and inclusive on a global scale, according to the UN.

WSWA Executive Director Goran Nikolašević said, “World Space Week 2017 broke records with over 4,000 events. Most events were held in countries which are not top space-faring nations, showing the strength of World Space Week in the developing world.”
“Rapid growth of World Space Week reflects widespread acceptance of this synchronized timeframe to celebrate space, inspire students using space, and promote space programs, policies, and organizations,” Stone said.


WSW is celebrated by a network of over 1,000 space-related organizations, the largest such network in the world, according to WSWA.

The Association’s Board each year selects a theme for World Space Week to provide a focus of the activities and events that take a place in over 80 nations during 4-10 October. WSW event organizers are encouraged to incorporate the theme into their activities and promotional materials.
To see the history of World Space Week themes, please click here.

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