WSW Event Ideas

We have put together a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! All you have to remember is that a WSW event MUST be space-themed and be held between 4-10th Oct and it MUST be registered on the WSW Global Calendar


Space-themed events

    • Space colouring-in activity for children or adults
    • Space movie night
    • Space Art or Poetry
    • Stargazing with local astronomical society
    • Safe solar observation
    • Talks and Presentation evenings
    • Space Themed Party
    • Why not get your local shops to theme their windows?

Make a space video for the WSW_UK YouTube Channel

Draw a space picture for the WSW Group Page on Flickr

Organise a street party.

Or click on a link below:

Ideas for Education
Ideas for Businesses
Ideas for Societies & Clubs
Ideas for Universities


What is Geocaching?

Quite simply, Geocaching is a Global GPS treasure hunt!

Videos about Geocaching

Types of Geocaches

Discover the WSW Geocaching Trackables:    In WSW2014 the WSW_UK team sited 5 WSW_UK Trackables in existing caches around the UK. These have been travelling all over the World and we would like them to continue their journeys!

Other Geocaching links are available on our resources page


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