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There are lots of ways that your school can get involved in World Space Week – especially in the lead up to Tim Peake’s Principia Mission.  Here are 6 ways that you can get involved.

1.   Organise an event in school.  There are some fun star party and event ideas on the Stargazing Live website.
2.   Train Like an Astronaut – there are some great resources and lesson plans on and and and
3.   Invite a guest speaker into school – check out the lists of speakers on <not sure what the most up to date list is> but could link to 
4.   Host a space themed film evening will help you with free films and screening ideas. 
5.   Attend an event that is being organised as part of World Space Week.  The event listings are here – Insert link
6..   Check out how you can use space across the curriculum using resources from


Do you have a STEM Club at your school? 

World Space Week wants to encourage Space-themed activities.

Resources for STEM Clubs on the Derbyshire Education Business Partnership website


Do you have resources to share with other STEM Clubs?  Please contact us to have your resources included on this site.


IDEA: Develop cross-curricular STEM activities.

Enhance learning by incorporating a space theme into all your lessons!

          • Rocket workshop
          • Wear a space costume to school
          • Space drama/play/puppet show
          • Space dance
          • Space music
          • Space Art show
          • Design a mission patch

Why not get the whole school involved in World Space Week for the entire week?

IDEA: Do something spacey for an hour everyday and end the week with a space show.

This World Space Week theme offers numerous opportunities for GNSS inspired events.

How about incorporating these into your school week:

Geocaching field trip

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

Take a class of students on a local field trip!

Before you start: Download the free phone app and search your local area for existing Geocaches. Please note that the free app will only allow you to search the area you are currently in. If you want to search a wider area without leaving the comfort of your room you will be required to upgrade to the professional edition app.

For more information about Geocaching, please see

Useful Links for Geocaching:

Geocaching in Primary Schools –  from

Explore the world with Google Earth

Perfect for Geography and History lessons in school. Use Google Earth in the classroom to take your students on a trip around the world! Just download the latest version of Google Earth and start travelling!

  • Visit the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Visit ancient battle sites – What do they look like today?
  • Zoom in on the Pyramids
  • Find your own house or school

Build your own model Satellites

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