The 2021 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards – Finalists & Winners Announced

The 2021 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards – Finalists & Winners Announced

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation and the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) are pleased to announce the Finalists for the 2021 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards which will be presented at the BIS’s Reinventing Space Conference Dinner and Awards on Tuesday 29 November 2022 at Aerospace Bristol, under the wings of Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, the last supersonic airliner ever to fly.

Presented annually since 2005, ‘The Arthurs’ recognise and reward those individuals and teams that have made notable or outstanding achievements in, or contributions to, all space activities here in the UK. The Lifetime and International Awards are open to all.


  1.   Space Achievement – Industry/Project Team
  • The Astroscale ELSA-D Team

For the success of its ELSA-D Space Sweeper Mission which was launched in March 2021 and successfully released and collected its replica debris in August 2021.

  • Spaceport Cornwall

For getting the UK back into Space, with a strong focus on flexibility and sustainability.

Congratulations to the winners

The Astroscale ELSA-D Team

Image credit: Geir Engene

  1.   Space Achievement – Industry/Project Individual
  • Chris Larmour

For simultaneously getting Orbex financed and sealing the deal to build the Sutherland Spaceport.

  • Professor Gillian Wright

For leading the European consortium of institutes that developed the Mid InfraRed Instrument (MIRI) on the James Webb Space Telescope which was successfully launched on 25 December 2021

  • Katherine Courtney

For chairing the GNOSIS knowledge exchange network on Sustainability in Space from its inception 3 years ago

Congratulations to the winner

Professor Gillian Wright

  1.   Space Achievement – Academic Study/Research

Unfortunately there were insufficient nominations for either the Team or Individual Academic Awards this year, so the Judging panel decided not to make any awards.

4a.   Space Achievement – Education and Outreach Team

  • The AstroAgency’s SpaceBar

For keeping the Space community together through the pandemic and for addressing serious issues like equality and diversity.

  • The Thales Alenia MarsBalloon STEM Team

For flying nearly 1,000 student-designed experiments from over 370 schools, involving over 13,000 students in classrooms, including science clubs, across the UK.

  • The MajorTimSpace Team (Amelia Piper, Herb Baker and Jim Worden)

For providing space and astronomy activities to disadvantaged children through many outreach programmes – especially the Young Ambassador Programme.

Congratulations to the winners

The MajorTimSpace Team

Image credit: Geir Engene



4b. Space Achievement – Education and Outreach Individual

  • Emma Wride – AstroCymru

For championing exciting and inspirational space themed STEAM programmes for communities in South Wales.

  • Holly Whitehouse

For the redevelopment and running of UKSEDS national-level Space competitions .

  • Heidi Thiemann

For launching the world’s first HNC/HND course in space technologies at the University Centre, Truro and Penwith, Cornwall.

Congratulations to the winner

Heidi Thiemann

Image credit: Geir Engene

  1.   Space Achievement – Student
  • Antonio Duduianu

For, as Chair in 2021/2, bringing UKSEDS through the toughest of years into a new era by leading new initiatives and making new connections with unprecedented events around the world

  • Joaquin Perez-Grande

For the revival of the UKSEDS Membership team

  • Arran Reedman

For building and running the systems that power UKSEDS

Congratulations to the winner

Antonio Duduianu

Image credit: Geir Engene

  1. Space Achievement – Media, broadcast and written
  • Anita Heward

For Media and Outreach engagement in Planetary Science across Europe

  • The BBC’s Infinite Monkey Cage Team

For continuing to spread the science and STEM message throughout the lockdown of 2021. Its January 2021 episode, ‘Under the Night Sky, demonstrated the importance of the night sky to human history and how our relationship with the stars has changed over the centuries.

  • Peggy Hollinger

For her Insightful coverage of the Oneweb / Eutelsat story

Congratulations to the winners

The BBC’s Infinite Monkey Cage Team

Image credit: Geir Engene

  1.   Lifetime Achievement
  • Alan Bond

For his lifetime contribution to rocket technology from his early youth as an amateur rocketeer to Rolls Royce, British Aerospace and the Atomic Weapons Establishment and on to be the main founder of Reaction Engines.

  • Sue O’Hare

For her highly successful management of the ESA Business Incubation Centre in the UK.

  • John Auburn

For his lifetime service to the UK Space Industry and for growing Astroscale UK from its beginnings to the successful launch of ELSA-D.

Congratulations to the winner

Alan Bond

Award received on Alan’s behalf by Richard Varvill

Image credit: Geir Engene

  1.   International Achievement
      [Finalists and Awardees selected by the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Board]
  • Miss Wally Funk

For not only her own personal achievements, but also for her continued, dedicated and inspirational contribution to education & outreach for space flight and aviation. She has pushed the boundaries from her days as a test pilot to her Mercury 13 training and continues to encourage others to push their own boundaries and reach their own goals.

  • The Al Worden Endeavour Scholarship with Kallman Worldwide Ltd

For encouraging young people from all over the world to pursue careers as engineers and explorers by bringing scholarship awardees to the first International Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama in 2021.

Congratulations to the winner

Miss Wally Funk

Award received on Wally’s behalf by Sue Nelson

Image credit: Geir Engene


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL the Winners and Finalists!

The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards ‘for space achievements in 2022’ will open for nominations early in 2023!

Watch this Space!