World Space Week

As the National Co-ordinating Body for World Space Week, we support and encourage everyone to create educational opportunities, activities, and events during WSW. WSW is an annual celebration of the peaceful uses of space for the benefit of humankind.

World Space Week runs between 4-10 OCTOBER

World Space Week 2022 will celebrate the theme of Space and Sustainability

This theme is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance and interconnectedness of space and sustainability.

It has been shown that Sustainable Development Goals on Earth are positively impacted by the benefits stemming from Earth Observation and Global Navigation System applications. Whilst, at the same time, Earth’s orbital environment is a limited resource that also needs to be protected.

By ensuring the long-term sustainability of outer space activities, we are guaranteeing humanity’s increasing presence in space as well as contributing to our socio-economic betterment, improving life on Earth, and ensuring the habitable future of our home planet. 

Because only through sustainable development will Earth, and space, remain safely accessible to future generations. 


Some simple steps to celebrating WSW each year:

  • Save the date: 4-10 October
  • Choose your audience: Anyone! WSW is an all-inclusive celebration of space, and it is an amazing opportunity to inform and inspire everyone, the more diverse your audience the better!
  • Plan an activity: Any educational activity related to space, such as; Space movie night, Space Art or Poetry, Stargazing with local astronomical society, Talks and Presentations, Space Themed Party.
  • Register your event: At Registering your event allows the BIS and World Space Week Association to assess the success and growth of WSW year-on-year.
  • Let us know how it went: Tell us about your event and attendance numbers, so we can add the UK’s success to our report to the UN.

As the WSW National Coordination manager, the BIS is here to support all UK event organisers with: 

  • Planning
  • Publicity 
  • Registering and updating events
  • General support and advice

The British Interplanetary Society, the National Co-ordinating body for World Space Week, organises an annual space competition for young people aged 4-16.

Details of the BIS WSWUK 2022 Children’s Competition will be released soon.

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