BIS Branches

The BIS structure allows people to connect branch level, with regional and home nation branches in the UK, and international branches at country level around the world.  You can learn more about existing branches, or how to get involved in setting up a new branch yourself.

Keen to see a branch where you live?  Look at the information below and get involved!

Currently we have one active branch overseas. Keen to see a branch where you live? Look at the information below and get involved!

Set up a branch

If you are a Member or Fellow and you are interested in setting up a branch, you can let us know using the form below.  Setting up a branch doesn't always mean you need to be the leader – there are different roles to play, such as organising events, supporting compliance or developing relationships with other organisations at a local level.  If you get in contact with us, we will link you up with other people in your area (by email) who want to form a branch, so that you can come together.

A branch lead must be a Fellow, but other branch organisers can be at Member level.  If you have been a Member for more than three years, you can apply for Fellowship.  There are rules around how a branch is formed, which you can download here.  However, the most important first step is to let us know you are interested – we will then set up a conversation to talk to you about the branch and your ideas.



Upcoming Branch Events