Executive Committees and Working Groups

BIS Executive Committees and Working Groups are for top-level governance and provide a democratic environment for discussion.

Only Officers of the Society and BIS Council Members can join Executive Committees and Working Groups, although it is possible, in certain situations, for Fellows and specialists to be invited to advise these committees and groups. 

Finance and General Purposes is an Executive committee, which is responsible for risk management, and ensuring that any proposed financial spend is in the best interests of the organisation as a charity.

This Committee receives and approves applications for Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship of the BIS, as well as considering winners of BIS Awards and Medals

This Working Group regularly reevaluates the Constitution of the BIS and maintains BIS's policies and legal documents. 

Non-Executive Committees and Working Groups

BIS non-executive committees are the fuel that drives the BIS, by running the affairs of the Society, analysing new ideas and providing management and focus for society-wide planning for the future. Committees are where imagination really can lead to reality

Committee Chairs are usually BIS Council Members, which allows for high-level governance and direction from the first point of contact, and Committee Members are volunteers from across the BIS membership.  

BIS Committees are a great way to show support and get involved in the decision-making for the Society.

This Committee is passionate about science communication and using the benefits of space exploration and technology to engage and inspire the future of humanity.


Committee Chair: Fabrizio Bernardini

This Committee works to ensure an exciting programme of speakers at lectures, symposia and other events, ensuring that the Society provides the content, informative and discussion events

Committee Chair: Alistair Scott

This Committee is responsible for the strategy and marketing of the Society, membership engagement, developing plans to promote the Society, and giving advice to staff on marketing strategy.

Committee Chair: Colin Philp

This Committee is responsible for the professional technical projects of the Society, overseeing all the project groups, and monitors projects from initiation through to conclusion and evaluation.

Committee Chair: Gerry Webb

This Committee focus on the history of the sector and The Society, and oversees the BIS Library and Archives Working Group.

Committee Chair: Gerry Webb

This Committee considers the creation of new books, and approves new titles, ensuring that all BIS books are written and presented to a high standard.

Committee Chair: Mark Hempsall

This Committee is responsible for all matters relating to the BIS magazines and journal – SpaceFlight, JBIS and Space Chronicle, considering marketing proposals, and ensuring consistency.

Committee Chair: Position OPEN

This Working Group takes an active role in evaluating the contents of the BIS's unique Space Library and Archives and other heritage assets, assisting with cataloguing and curation, and working to gain funding for this collection of space related material, making sure they are appropriately looked after and preserved for current and future generations. 

Committees of the British Interplanetary Society are run by BIS Members and Fellows on a voluntary basis.
They have been set up to run the affairs of the Society.  

Each Committee focuses on a specific area of work, and often take an active role in delivering the objectives of the Society and organising projects. 

Non-executive Committees are open to anyone within the BIS membership.