Gerry Webb

All of Gerry’s working life has been in the space field, beginning with the radio tracking of Sputnik 3 and other early Soviet satellites in order to measure ionospheric parameters.

Gerry is the General Director of Commercial Space Technologies Ltd (CST) since its foundation in 1983. Before this he worked for the British Government space research programme, beginning from 1960, at the Radio Research Laboratory (Slough). This laboratory became the Appleton Laboratory and ultimately merged with the Rutherford Laboratory to become (RAL).  After a ten year period of work between 1968 and 1978 with sounding rockets investigating the Earth’s geomagnetic field from the arctic launch ranges of Andoya and Kiruna, he transferred to the management team procuring sounding rockets for the British space research community.

Gerry graduated in Physics and completed postgraduate work in Space Science (University College London). He joined the Society in 1958 and elected to Fellow in 1969.  From 2018 to 2021 he was President of the BIS.